Bee Pendant & matching earrings

"Honey bees perform tremble dances which recruit receiver bees to collect nectar from returning foragers."

This amazing pendant is beautifully handcrafted in sterling silver by a silversmith and jeweller from America. A percentage of the sale of the pendant goes to save the bees.  Matching earrings are also available.

Beth currently lives in Michigan and started her business in 2007, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008. Much of her work uses designs from nature - owls, leaves, trees and strawberries - and if you would like to support this young artist please visit her Etsy Shop to view all the pieces.

My favourite, at Etsy of course, is the Brass Sunny Bee Pendant. Pierced and sawn brass honey bee pendant with a sunny radial hammering, and a brushed satin finish.

You can read her blog at Wordpress.

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