Aphrodites' Honey Pot

Lyra natural perfume is a creamy solid  made with a 100% pure botanics, for the fragrance component, with a tropical headiness that lies in the melding of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Both these essences are associated with femininity and sensuality. In fact, in aromatherapy circles these essences are considered relaxing, euphoric and strong aphrodisiacs. The word aphrodisiac comes from the name of the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Bees have been connected with a variety of Goddesses since the beginning of recorded time including Aphrodite.
There are a total of twenty different essential oils in this perfume. All plant based, NO fragrance oils here, only real vital plant materials!
Find out more from Roxanna at Illuminated Perfume.  "Beeswax is included in the apothecary of many fragrance artisans, used for the creation of solid perfumes, lotions and balms." ROXANA VILLA in FACTS and FANCIES: PERFUME 

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