Building a new beehive

I have had some requests for how to build a better beehive. They can be created out of just about anything. It can be immensely satisfying to build your own beehive and you can help the environment at the same time by using recycled material.

Here are some sites I have found about creating your own hive:
Bee Hive Journal includes list of considerations when thinking of building offers downloadable “build-it-yourself” plans
The Bee Space has an idea to build 1 hive for free
Roxana's rustic birdhouse bee hive pictured above
Design of a Modified Kenyan Top Bar Hive and construction details
Dadant Hive suggested by Buck White as it allows more bees, providing "a better defense against these new threats to bees."
Dadant Blatt - German version
Dadant Blatt Italica Carlini

If you would like to suggest a site or an idea for a bees hive please post in comments.

Of course if you know what kind of Bee Hive you would like to build visit Bee Hive Journal  - An amazing depository of over 276 different beehive designs collected by Buck White. Thanks Buck.
PHOTO THANKS TO ROXANA at lluminated Perfume


Buck White said...

There are many designs that fit with chemical free. The Dadant hives are increasing in interest as these hives allow for larger production of both honey and bees. More bees provide a better defense against these new threats to bees. Best wishes Buck.

the bees house said...

Thank Buck, i will add Dadant hives - any other suggestions - anyone?

itayah said...

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Morlock5K said...

Biobees site has loads of info for starting beekeeping the natural way. The forum is excellent and full of helpful people

Our Neck of the Woods said...

How interesting! My husband and I are getting bees this spring so I have a feeling that your blog will be very helpful to us in the coming months! Found you via the HomeAcre Hop.


Lisa Lynn said...

Love the different ideas for beehives! Thanks for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!