Prayer flags from featured artist Miranda Gray

May the wind carry these prayers

prayers for our friends the bees

pollinators of our food

our flowers

May the bees thrive

in these interesting times
Born in Miami, USA, Miranda Gray says she was always an artist.  She attended San Francisco Art Institute and has designed textiles in New York, jewelry in Austin Texas and bronzes in India.  Miranda now lives with her husband and two dogs in the Pojoaque Valley north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, growing vegetables and forever making art.

9 large prayer flags rolled and wrapped in the prayer

Besides the beautiful prayer flags Miranda creates cards from prints of her egg tempera paintings. "Egg tempera is a very old medium, where I grind powdered pigment (i.e. burnt umber, cobalt, titanium white) into a paste with water. The yolk of a chicken egg is added as the binder."
To see more of her creations please visit Miranda's Online Studio.

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amazing and beautiful