Bees don't just produce honey

" Statistically citizens of our country do not realize that honey and other bee products is only a tiny percent of the benefit of these insects. The main benefit of bees is growing crop yields, and they constitute about 80 percent of plants around the world. In the production of honey  to collect only 1 kg the bee  has to visit several hundred million flowers. " Dariusz Małanowski from Poland on his website Pszczeli Park (Bee Park)
I think this is only coming to be known by many people around the world now because of the plight of the bee and what that means to food production. "Many fruits, vegetables, wildflowers, and trees must be pollinated and fertilized to produce seed or fruit, and pollination is vital for the production of critically important agricultural crops, including corn, wheat, rice, apples, oranges, tomatoes, and squash." from The Bee Guardian Foundation

Thank you Dariusz for your beautiful photograph

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