The Father of American Beekeeping

Lorenzo Langstroth 1810-1895
Lorenzo Langstroth was the inventor of the style of hive most used in the USA today and also still in use around the world.
'The Hive and the Honey-bee: a bee keeper's manual' by Langstroth, printed 1853, describes the use and design of the bee hive as we know it today. Prior to his invention of the "bee space", bees were hived in skeps or gums (hollowed out logs) or, in the U.S., the wooden box hive which had no internal structure.
The moveable frames in the Langstroth Hive give beekeepers better access to managing bees.

Lorenzo Langstroth was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was interested in insects from an early age and later in life, when he was a clergyman and a teacher, he started beekeeping.

Langstroth bee hive plans from Bees on the Net

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