Beekeeping around the world

Please visit these sites to see how bees are being kept in FranceTurkey, Slovenia, Argentina, Uganda, Malaysia, England, USA, New Zealand, Nepal, Germany,  Holland,  Arab Countries,

Beekeeping and Homebrewing in West Yorkhire, UK.

Bees in the Antipodes - a woman beekeeper in Aotearoa, New Zealand

EastWest Innovations Uganda Limited began its operations in 2001 to develop the Uganda Honey trade as a viable supplement income for the Ugandan farmers. Visit their site.

The Bee Journal -  started Beekeeping in 2009, in southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Nepal: you have to see these amazing photos of the Rai people who collect the honey of the largest bee in the world by climbing a massive cliff at The Bee Photographer's site.

Addicted to Honey - A humble approach to natural, sustainable beekeeping from Västra Götaland, Sweden.

Turkish beekeeping

Anarchy Aparies includes less invasive beekeeping from New York, USA.

Malaysian Beekeeping via EastWest Innovations Uganda

Scottish Bee Blog. The adventures of an intrepid band of Moray beekeepers

Bees in France: All about bees and beekeeping on our organic smallholding in France

Vlado Augušin beekeeper in Slovenia

Honey cottage in Germany.

Holland: Honeybee husbandry, hive products, apitherapy by Marieke Mutsaers

Argentina Beekeeping News

Hog Bay Apiary: Australian producer of Kangaroo Island organic honey from the Ligurian bee

Austrian Carnica Association

Nicaragua and organic honey

20 Facts on Beekeeping in Ukraine


Ilenia said...

WOW! Great links!
Thank you so much for let me know^_^

the bees house said...

You are so welcome - if you love photographs go to the Nepal link

Morlock5K said...

Thanks for the link. Feel free to use any photos on my blog in the future

the bees house said...

Thank you Morlock5K for your generous offer to use photos - I will take you up on that.