Sussex South Downs is home to 'extinct' bee species

A species of bee which was believed to be extinct in Britain has been found in East Sussex - 65 years after it was last seen.
A study by entomologist Steven Falk shows the solitary bee, Halictus eurygnathus, is at seven sites on the South Downs.
Read more about the Halictus eurygnathus at BBC NEWS

The mining bee - Andrena hattorfiana
Andrena hattorfiana, pictured above, was also mentioned in the study as it's habitat has been reduced by grazing on the South Downs.

The South Downs, UK  became the UK's newest national park in April 2011.


garden girl said...

That's good news! With bees being under siege it's heartening that Halictus eurygnathus and Andrena hattorfiana still survive.

Lesley said...

Yes this is great news!

Anonymous said...

This is about an extinct bee not a stingless bee - the link said "stingless" I am lost!