There is a honey making museum

Just discovered there is a honey making MUSEUM in Lithuania: The Lithuanian Museum of Ancient Beekeeping (Senovinės bitininkystės muziejus)
It sounds like a fascinating place. They have glass hives, so you can see how bees work, tool collections, and illustrations of the role that bees play in pollination. One of the things that interested me was how they kept the bears from the honey - yes bears! The wide variety of hives includes tree trunks which can be seen in the photograph, which were used from the 15th century until the 20th century.
"The Lithuanian Veterinary Academy claims that Lithuanian bees are especially peaceful. They constitute a sub-species of the European honey bee; they are smaller than Italian bees and larger than the Caucasian honey bee." READ MORE

The museum is open from May to October.
The Honey Harvest festival is held in August.
Contact, hours address and other details.


marilyn said...

never heard of a caucasion bee. Very interesting. I wonder how many different species of bees are around. I now want to know more. My familly is from Lithuania..One day I will check it out.

the bees house said...

This is fascinating... had you ever heard of this bee museum?