Featured Artist: Greg Spalenka

If you have explored this site at all you will have noticed this image in the side bar and in the post on Bee Lore: The Sacred and Divine Bee where Greg kindly allowed me to use his image: Bee Prosperity.

Today I wanted to tell you a little more about Greg Spalenka the artist. To me his talent seems obvious just from this one, bee related, artwork but did you know he has worked on the production of films such as "Prince Caspian: Voyage of the Dawn Treader" and  "The Golden Compass" and games such as "Warcraft"?
Greg has a wonderful way of combining the sensual the mysterious and the ancient and magical.  He truly is a visionary artist.  I know you will want to explore his other images at his unique website (just checking out the cards sets spinning in front of you is an experience).

See Greg Spalenka's other Fine Art Prints like the one above.

Oh, did I say I don't get a commisssion from this but just genuinely love his art and the world he creates?

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@GNN said...

Greg rocks!