What's the Buzz for christmas gifts?

Expandable WineHive made from recycled aluminium is a honeycomb wine rack with infinite add-on capability and beautiful design. Can be purchased here at tiny light bulbs.

Manicure set from Burt's Bees is a great idea for gardener or beekeeper friends and other outdoorsy types. Burt's Bees products are crafted using ingredients that are the best nature has to offer: beeswax, botanical and essential oils, herbs, flowers and minerals. Also this company is partnered with others in efforts to help the environment.    Purchase Burt's Bees Natural Manicure Gift Set at Amazon.

This hardcover book
The ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture: An Encyclopedia Pertaining to the Scientific and Practical Culture of Honey Bees is the 41st Edition of The ABC & XYZ Of Bee Culture with over 900 pages and 1,000 photos. An easy to use and comprehensive encyclopedia of honey bees, beekeeping and beekeeping practices and equipment. From African Honey Bees, to beeswax, to comb honey, to honey bee mites, to nucleus colonies, to Queen piping and Queen rearing, to Top Bar Hives, to wintering to worker cells.

A mix specially designed to feed the bees that are so essential in your garden. A mix of herbs and fragrant flowers including Dill, Borage, Cosmos Catnip, Black Eyed Susans and many more. Save the Bees Seed Mix

VISIT BABY BEES HOUSE for cute bee gift ideas for children.

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