Bee Facts free resource sheet and other freebees

Why We Need Bees:Nature’s Tiny Workers Put Food on Our Tables by Natural Resources Defense Council

Free ebook download: a free introduction to beekeeping. A short essay outlining a natural, low-tech, low-cost approach to 'back yard beekeeping' From the Author of The Barefoot Beekeeper.

 Free-bee posters about beekeeping available from The University of Minnesota, USA

Cute free bee templates for invitations, games and coloring at Baby bees house


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Congrats... You have been nominated for Liebster Blog Award.please check my blog for more details. I have also mentioned your blog there in the list.

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Bees Hive said...

Kiran, your blog is so beautiful too and deserves an award for all the unique photos and stories of exotic places. thank you for nominating my blog.