Beekeeping in schools

Amanda Lengnick-Hall, a teacher, is teaching elementary school age children about beekeeping at the Shadow Glen Elementary School in Manor, Texas, USA.

"Beekeeping isn’t very common, especially in schools, so I like that they push themselves, even if they’re scared,” Amanda told myStatesman. "But once they get into the suits and get closer to the bees and they start learning more about them, they start becoming really protective of them. It’s really exciting to see them go from scared … to being advocates and getting an opportunity to try something they probably haven’t thought they wanted to try.

The school has six beehives as of December, 2015.  The students are learning about all aspects of beekeeping in an after-school club. They will sell the honey from their bees and use the money to continue funding the program.


In the video you can see Walter Schumacher, otherwise known as the bee czar, founder of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency. He came to the school to check on the health of the hives.


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