Beekeeping in Malta

Beekeeping in Malta
Bees in a baked clay jar in Malta
This is the traditional way of bee keeping in Malta - in a clay pot! 

Clay pots were the customary homes of domesticated bees in ancient Malta and in the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Long cylinders of baked clay were used. They were usually stacked to provide shade except for those on top of the stack. Sometimes the pots were used were used singly, but more often stacked in rows to provide some shade, at least for those not on top. Beekeepers would smoke one end of the cylinder to drive the bees to the other end while they harvested honey.

After the arrival of the varroa mite many beekeepers changed to the movable frame system.

SOURCE: This image was taken in 2008 in Malta.


Bee Lady said...

I think the movable frame system looks easier, but I found this very interesting. I've never seen clay pot hives. So they have varroa mite in Malta too huh?

Cindy Bee

Georgie said...

Hi Cindy, thanks for dropping in and commenting - made my day! Yes I agree the movable frame system of beekeeping looks so much easier.