Iridescent Sweat Bee

Iridescent Sweat Bee

These bees belong to the Hymenoptera family of insects. They are from the family of 'Halictidae', and are found all over the world except Southeast Asia and Australia. 

They are called sweat bees as they are attracted to human perspiration for the moisture and salts they get from it. They are tiny (4 mm - 8 mm) solitary pollinators who live underground. They usually create vertical tunnels in the soil with side passages leading to the egg chamber. 

The Green Sweat Bees (Genus: Agapostemon) are among the most noticeable of  native bee species with their metallic shimmery green or blue-green sheen and hairy back legs. Like many bees they eat pollen and nectar. They are excellent pollinators of many small flowers of native plants. 

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