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I live in Australia and when we move to our little piece of land I will become a natural beekeeper. Until then I am happy to learn all I can about natural beekeeping from the experts, and many other beekeeper friends. I am fascinated by bees and their mystery through the ages, their amazing contribution to the scheme of things and how artists and designers use their perfect symmetry and magical symbolism in their designs. If you too are interested in any of these things, that I find fascinating, you may like to:

Browse in the largest bee bookstore in the universe.
Keep up to date about the current state of bees.
Find some free public domain photos of bees you can use.
Copy some bee quotes.
Learn more about nature's alchemist.
Find ways to use honey.
Explore bee lore.
Learn about bees from a child's perspective.

Oh and a little about how I became interested in bees - I think I trace it back to when I was little and my grandma use to serve honey from a lovely pot. When I was older she gave it to me.
As you can see it is covered in beautiful bees.
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